All Human Hunting Suspended Following Queen’s Death

(LONDON, Eng.) – Sport and game were so critical to the Queen of England, but nothing exeplified this more than her lust for hunting people opposed to the Occult that she was primarily associated with.

“The Queen loved Britain, but she especially loved it when Master Lucifer called her to invite world leaders and influencers for the killing of random teenagers,” said Prince Charles of Wales, who stands to control the planet on a visible scale.

“We had incredible blood ceremonies that Her Majesty was obviously a part of. Our wish for the future is to arrest all Christians and Trump supporters, bringing in a new era of Luciferian worship.”

Lucifer was actually reached for comment, stating that his plan was moving along nicely thanks to “useful idiots.”

“We will win, despite the Bible,” said a defiant Lucifer.

His political ideology has yet to prevail in a public forum, despite centuries of his visible failures.

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