Every LSU Beat Writer to be Late for Southern Press Conference

(BATON ROUGE, Louis.) – In a move that the LSU writers described as “due to them” and, “about to happen every week,” The Advocate announced that all employees woud be late to head coach Brian Kelly’s press conferences following the LSU Tigers’ matchup against the Southern Jaguars this Saturday, to which other outlets agreed.

“Look, we loved Coach O, we loved Les Miles until we didn’t anymore…but this guy [Kelly] is just a negative news cycle waiting to happen,” said an local on-air network reporter, under the condition of anonimity.

“Nobody needs to be on time.”

The Beet was able to find Coach Kelly for a response, hanging out at the bar at The Radisson hotel in Baton Rouge.

“You know this was the same hotel that Scott Hall groped a 56-year-old woman at,” Kelly asked as he almost seemed to forget the conversation.

“Late? They want to be late? Let them be late, we’re starting 30 minutes later ourselves now,” Kelly said triumphantly. “We call that the old ‘South Bend Special.'”

It remains to be seen how the future press conference starts will play out, but answers are only days away. Stick with The Beet for fluid coverage of this situation.

Dan Irwin isn’t an LSU fan but he has been to both Chimes locations. Follow him on Twitter.

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