Nevada Wolfpack to Have UFO Flyover to Finish Season Against UNLV

Some might say that the Nevada Wolfpack are perhaps embracing too much of a social stereotype, but that won’t stop a scheduled UFO flyover from happening over Mackay Stadium this Saturday.

“It’s something I think our fans and alumni deserve,” said a passionate Jay Norvell following an alumni luncheon. “We know they’re there, get ‘em out, get ‘em flying and maybe it’ll throw some intimidation at those punks from Vegas.”

The Wolfpack head football coach wasn’t shy about saying what the flyover would mean to the rivalry.

“They want to act like they’re the best at everything, and I’ve got news for them; it’s not 1990 anymore. We might just get the Air Force to have that UFO land on the field and be the spot of first contact. Top that,” Norvell said, throwing his arms up.

“Heck, they might broadcast the game to their home planet, in which case Wolfpack football will gain an intergalactic audience. We could be talking about Nevada being shown outside of the asteroid belt, and we’re pretty sure that ESPN doesn’t have a legal claim to galactic broadcast rights, so we could stand to make quite a bit of money.”

Kickoff for the game is scheduled for 12:00 noon local time.

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