“Yuuup!” EA Sports to Make ‘2020 Curling’ Game with Jared Allen as Cover Athlete

(Stevens Point, Wisc.) – Former NFL star Jared Allen may not ever make the cover of Madden, but he secured the top honor in the world of curling by being named to the cover of EA Sports’ inaugural curling video game, Curling 2021 on Monday night.

The United States Curling Association voted unanimously to sponsor the game, paving the way for fans to get familiar with actual curling athletes, just like they would with other sports.

“Curling runs through my blood,” Allen told The Beet. “You throw a stone, I’ll show you how to smack into it.”

Allen has experience smacking into things with his two charges of resisting arrest and DUI while in college.

“Up north, we hit stones and we do it better than anyone you know,” Allen said.

“Since I left the NFL, I’ve been looking for a way to legally get stoned,” Allen said with a straight face. “I’ll be smoking stones down the ice, and I dare Canada to try and stop me.”

Allen’s accomplishment is one that he will look to duplicate next year.

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