Premier League to Have School Children on VAR Reviews

(LONDON, Eng.) – With the wave of VAR review debacles in recent matches, the Premier League have called the FIFA-sponsored officiating tactic of video review a “farce process” and believe change in the system is imminent.

“Not only is this decision going to solve the VAR issue that’s been ongoing, but we expect it to streamline funds into educational institutions across Great Britain,” an excited EPL President Gary Hoffman said.

“These children have growing minds, untouched by drugs in most cases, and we feel their energy will help the proper calls come to the surface.”

A group only identified as “Ms. Hutchfield’s year-four class,” location unknown, have been assigned to the Manchester City-Tottenham clash on Saturday evening. Children of varying ages across Britain will be assigned to the weekend fixtures.

“Of course, the added stress of the media hounding you at home, and various fanbases wanting to rip you apart each week is something these kids will have to handle, and I think they’ll handle it well,” said Hoffman.

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