New York Yankees to Require COVID Vaccine IV During Game

(Bronx, NY) – In an effort to keep the vaccine concept on the forefront of people’s minds, the New York Yankees announced new safety regulations for fans watching at Yankee Stadium.

“We know a lot of these [vaccine] cards are being forged, and they’re making it through the gate,” Yankees President Randy Levine told The Beet from the lobby of a hostel near Yankee Stadium.

“We feel like this is the only way to make sure everyone is safe, and in a way that doesn’t discriminate against anyone. So everyone will be required to wear a live IV-drip of vaccine, their choice of course, but it will remain on during the duration of the game, regardless of whether it’s nine or eighteen innings.”

Levine reiterated that there would be no other options.

“Testing your way out of this isn’t going to happen. If you’re inside of Yankee Stadium from this point forward, we’ll know for a fact you’re vaccinated.”

Despite this, you will still need to provide proof of vaccination and wear a mask the entire time.

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