Kansas City Chiefs to Scan All Ticket Holders for Bad Luck

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Kansas City Chiefs fans don’t have to worry about the bad luck bug striking before next week’s AFC Championship Game, as the team appears to be taking a proactive approach towards superstitious threats.

“We’re going to have added security of course,” said Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt. “But our main focus after Sunday is making sure we’re protecting our team from any type of voodoo or black magic.”

Hunt spoke to The Beet in a private interview at a booth in The Depot Saloon in Avondale, Missouri, a suburb just north of North Kansas City.

When asked what measures the Chiefs were going to take, Hunt became animated in his description.

“Well the night before we’re going to get a shaman to go around the whole Truman Sports Complex here and sprinkle some okra around. They say that drives away bad spirits. Then we’ll need a team of the best psychics and gypsies from the Midwest to sense any trouble coming in through the gates,” Hunt said.

Hunt of course refers to the self-proclaimed bad luck fan Charles Penn who voluntarily left last Sunday’s AFC Divisional win over the Houston Texans while making a live video of himself doing so that went viral.

“No, can’t risk another situation like that.”

Hunt said the Chiefs will lobby the NFL to be able to screen fans at the Super Bowl as well, should the Chiefs make it there by winning the AFC Championship Game over the Tennessee Titans this weekend.

Obnoxious Mizzou Fan knows a lot of Chiefs fans are ku fans, but it’s okay because nobody is perfect. Follow him on Twitter.

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