Nick Saban Starts Recruiting Michigan Prospects During Citrus Bowl

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban usually starts his recruiting activities quickly after the season ends, but this year it appears Saban is getting started even earlier.

“He wants to set up these satellite camps in Alabama,” Saban said of Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh. “Cool. No problem. But out of the group they invited to the game, we feel like we’re going to hit our goal of projected flips.”

Indeed, Saban walked over to a section of potential Michigan recruits and offered them each gift bags that included cash and vintage issues of Playboy magazine.

“That’s a double win, gets all these old mags out of the bathroom at home and brings joy to recruits. Just look at them,” Saban said with pride.

Although Saban’s actions are a wild violation of rules, the NCAA made an immediate statement that there would be no sanctions, but that Missouri would be penalized an additional season.

“Tell Jim I said hello,” Saban told The Beet. “But if you forget, I’m sure I’ll see him trying to recruit next to me like a starving fisherman.”

We’ll see if Saban can get any commitments in the second half.

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