Lynn Bowden Gets Ten KO’s Prior to Belk Bowl, Ready for IBF Title Match​

(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) – Kentucky Wildcats all-purpose man Lynn Bowden got a little scrappy with the Virginia Tech Hokies prior to the Belk Bowl on Tuesday.

Emotions boiled over when Bowden punched several players, fans and mascots just outside of the window where he could have been ejected from the game for doing so.

“I don’t care who they throw at me,” Bowden told The Beet while on the bench during the start of the second quarter. “I don’t care what they do, they’re gonna get knocked out.”

When asked how committed he was to this new premise, Bowden stared with a cold, empty look and said, “Oh I’m about to be the new Debo.”

Bowden knocked out a total of ten people, an SEC bowl record. These numbers have gotten the attention of the International Boxing Federation.

“I mean, he’s hot,” said IBF President Daryl Peoples. “He’s got great form, he’s in incredible physical condition as well. We want him to be prepared for a title bout soon.”

Bowden couldn’t bring his level of desire in boxing to the football field, as Kentucky currently trails Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl.

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