Bill Self Furious Snoop Dogg Left Him No Weed as Promised

(LAWRENCE, Kan.) University of Kansas basketball coach Bill Self had the public relations nightmare to deal with this past Friday night. And just when you thought that was the end, it’s taken a predictable turn at this point.

“It’s cool. I mean I only cried to him about my childhood on the phone, it’s not like we’re close or anything,” Self told a confused group of people sitting at a bar in Topeka. “All I did was give him everything.”

Self explained to The Beet that when arrangements had originally been made to bring Snoop Dogg in, he was able to communicate with him about a special arrangement.

“I grabbed the phone from Sheahon and was basically like ‘Look, bring me at least a zip,’ and he made it sound like it wouldn’t be a problem,” Self said. He refers to Director of Athletics Sheahon Zenger.

Snoop was apparently supposed to leave an ounce of Gorilla Glue for Self inside his office, but left Allen Fieldhouse without doing so or letting Self know.

“He went into the back and I couldn’t get into his area, he hired special security to cut me off. I could smell it, but he said he was out. I had to meet with my stupid team, and after that he was gone,” Self said fighting back tears.

Kansas faces major violations, and attempted to use the Snoop Dogg snow as a distraction. However, it more accurately served as a transparent representation of the program.

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