Will Muschamp to Disclose Every Scripted Play Before Kentucky Game Next Season

(COLUMBIA, S. Car.) South Carolina Gamecocks football coach Will Muschamp had great success telling Cole Cubelic of SEC Network what he was going to do as soon as the half resumed this past Saturday. The success was viewed as so good by Muschamp that during his weekly staff meeting, the decision was made to approach Kentucky like this in general from now on.

“We’re going to set out a solid offense based on where we see our advantages the week before the game, work on that list all week during practice, and then see if I can get on either The [Paul] Finebaum Show or SportsCenter,” Muschamp told The Beet while he watched old videos of himself celebrating as defensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns. Muschamp wouldn’t make eye contact during this time.

“Get on T.V. and let our great fans and alumni know exactly what we’re going to do to Kentucky,” Muschamp said.

When asked if he was worried that Kentucky fans, players and coaches mights tune in and watch, Muschamp nearly spit out a mouthful of the Mickey’s 40oz. he was actively chugging.

“Half of those people don’t even know what a television is, let alone have teeth. The idea that any damaging number of them could access cable television isn’t a factor,” Muschamp said chuckling.

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