Sick of Being Called Homer, Barrett Sallee Decides to Embrace Accusations

(ATHENS, Geo.) College football analyst Barrett Sallee is often fielding a long list of accusations from a fanbase whenever he makes a statement or has an opinion. But perhaps the most frequently levied charge against the CBS Sports writer is that he is a homer for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Fed up with the long-running insinuations, Sallee has decided to embrace the accusations, and just roll with the whole Georgia fandom idea.

“Honestly I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Sallee told The Beet in a private interview at a Bojangles booth in Lafayette, Georgia. “I mean I do love Georgia, but I’m really going to put the pedal to the floor at this point.”

Sallee made it clear he will still be covering all teams, but that he will only be reporting from the Georgia Bulldogs sideline.

“If they want to hear about Auburn or Alabama, great. Want to know about Oregon? I’ll get to that, too. But it’s all going to be delivered with a hint of red and black,” Sallee reiterated.

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